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Hello and welcome to Victory Infopublishing! In the next weeks, we plan to cover self-sabotage and the different ways we go about it and how we can overcome, heal and lead more productive lives.
One of the biggest reasons I have found personally why we sabotage ourselves in our lives, our jobs, our families and our businesses(if we have any) is because we have a very difficult time believing in ourselves. We plan to especially cover that. This is a great concern of your founder, because, hey, I’m there myself! I know what it’s like to live in despair. You are not alone here!
What is Victory Infopublishing? It is a new company that will strive to pinpoint problems we have and how these block our way to a victorious life, look for and find tools to find the solutions to these problems so that we can surmount the problems together! We can defeat the problems that keep us from victory, whatever they may be, but this starts with changing our views of ourselves as Malcolm X would say. We need to start seeing ourselves in a new way. Only then can we start changing for the better and heal the hurting, failure, and anger inside us as we climb the summit to victory and success!
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